Protect PDF File with Password

The online protect PDF tool allows users of PDF documents to make their files secure and protected with a password. You can restrict any editing or copying activities by making it a password protected PDF file within a few seconds.

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How to Password Protect a PDF Free Online

Using our online tool to protect PDF from copying or editing, you can secure the content and information of your PDF files with some simple steps.

1. Username and Password

To password protect PDF file, enter your desired username and password.

2. Choose the File to Protected

Select a source of the PDF file you want to protect with a password. You can browse through the hard drive of the PC, smartphone, or any other memory drive.

You can password protect PDF files stored on a remote URL or a cloud storage network like dropbox and google drive.

3. Upload Selected File

Once you have selected the file to be protected from the source just upload it on the tool.

The process of making it password protected will begin automatically without any delay.

4. Preview

You can preview the protected file to check for discrepancies or any changes.

5. Save or Download

You have the option to save the password protected PDF file on a cloud drive or download it on your PC or smartphone as per your requirement.

Why Do You Need to Password Protect PDF?

Every day we send, receive, and save several PDF documents in our work routine. However, to make them secure we need to add a password to protect PDF from copying or editing.

Adding a PDF password protection can help keep the document safe. Only people with access to the password will be able to view the content. No one without the password can edit, delete, add, or even print the PDF file.

If you are wondering how to encrypt a PDF file or how to password protect a PDF free, then we have the best solution for you.

Best Free Password Protect PDF Online is a reliable and trusted name for offering a premium range of PDF converting and organizing tools online.

Our password protect PDF tool is available to users from anywhere in the world completely free of cost.

It is very simple to use and convenient to manage. Without any hassle, complicated procedures, or charges, you can protect your PDF document with a password and keep its quality secure.

Key Features of the PDF Protect Online Tool

Specializing in providing premium quality PDF tools through our user-friendly and easy-to-navigate online platform, we offer the best way to encrypt PDF files and secure them.

Our process is very simple and lets you add foolproof protection to your PDF files in just a few seconds.

Here are some of its amazing features:

1) Password Protect PDF Files

This tool enables you to protect your PDF files by adding a secure username and password. It limits the ability of people to access the document, its contents and even make any changes.

2) Username and Password Selection

The tool allows you to select a username and password in a simple manner and add them to the given tabs.

3) Drag and Drop Feature

The drag and drop feature allows you to conveniently upload a selected PDF file in the upload box.

The process of generating the password protection for the PDF file will start immediately.

4) Upload from PC and Save to PC

The tool allows you to upload PDF files for protection from your PC hard drive or a smart device.

Once the PDF file has been secured with a password you can save it on the PC or any smart device.

5) Universally Compatible

Our premium quality tool is compatible with all major systems and devices operating around the world. From Windows to Mac to Linux, we work smoothly with all kinds of devices.

All you need is a functional web browser and access to the internet. Our best free tool for converting PDF to Excel is available on our website.

6) Upload from Cloud Storage and Save on Cloud Storage

You can upload PDF from cloud storage like Google Drive and Drop Box and protect them with a password of your choice.

The tool enables you to store the final password protected PDF file on Google Drive or DropBox as per your requirement.

7) Password Protect PDF from Remote URL

You can select PDF files directly from a URL and add a password to the PDF.

Just click on the link, copy and paste the URL of the file in the upload box. The process to add password to the PDF file will begin automatically.

8) Universal Compatibility

Our tool to add a password for PDF documents works independently and is supportive of all kinds of operating systems including Windows, Mac, and Linux. It can also work with mobile devices perfectly.

9) Installation is not a Requirement

You can use the online free protect PDF tool directly from the website. No need to download any software or install any application on your PC or device.

Without capturing valuable disk space, we help you protect your PDF file with just a good internet connection and a functional browser.

10) No Hassles of Registration

Without any membership, subscription, or complex form filling you can start using the tool any time you want.

The protected PDF file is completely secure and encrypted. It does not allow any unauthorized access.

11) No Watermark Issues

Our commitment is to avoid spoiling or tampering with your document. We do not believe in putting our watermarks, logos, or any additional headers or footers in your PDF files.

We guarantee authenticity and maintain the originality of your password protected PDF file.

12) Free and Unlimited Usage

You can password protect PDF files without any charges or limitations of file size or number.

No membership fee requirements and no hidden charges will surprise you on our website. Our tool is 100% free.

13) Available 24/7 from Anywhere

This is a web-browser based application and lets you add a password to your PDF file from anywhere in the world and at any time of day.

14) User Privacy and File Security

The free PDF Password Protect Tool Online is itself a way to safeguard your document’s safety and security.

We at also ensure to restrict the access to your selected documents to anyone.

We delete all the uploaded and password protected PDF files from our servers and systems every one hour.

If you are looking for a secure and reliable way to protect PDF from copying and editing, then opt for our free online PDF protection tool. It is an excellent choice for both commercial as well as individual users.