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Whenever the user uses a certain application or software, he\she comes across some interesting facts about that particular software.  In this post, we are going to discuss the important facts about the excel file.  Also, we will discuss how excel files can be converted into PDF documents for further use. So you will also learn about Excel to pdf online conversion.

Well, Microsoft Excel is one of the most unique and exclusive software for managing extensive data or information in an organised manner.  It is a great software that can help you manage different da in a single sheet.  Let’s now have a look at the most important facts about the excel file that you might not know before.

Helps in sorting data

You might encounter many people who praise excel spreadsheets and absolutely love them everyday. The efficiency and features of Microsoft Excel are evident.  Generally, spreadsheets are very useful in sorting and storing a whole piece of information in a single sheet. For instance, you are organizing an event and you want to make a complete contact list of all your audiences. 

In this regard, Microsoft Excel sheet is the best option. It allows you to sort all the data in alphabetical order or you can set the entire data in your own way. It gives you remarkable options and you can easily drag and drop different entities in different rows and columns easily. Hence sorting is one amazing thing that is offered by Microsoft Excel.

Removing duplicates automatically   

This feature is highly appreciated by the users of Microsoft Excel.  Definitely, it is inevitable when you are particularly dealing with a large amount of data. There are chances that you skip something or duplicate a few entities.

This mistake can become a blender so in order to avoid this type of problem you can use the feature move Microsoft Excel.  In this way, you do not need to double-check the entire task.  Just highlight the whole data set and now click on the data tab. Hit the ‘’remove duplicates’’ button and click on OK.  In this way, all the duplicates will be automatically removed from your excel sheet.

Perform basic math functions

When you are working on Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, there is no need to reach your calculator at all.  Microsoft Excel can handle all sorts of mathematics and gives you the exactly right answers for all your problems. All you need to do is to enter some simple and quick formulas and you are good to go.

For that, you only need to go through the basic excel knowledge.  And if you somehow manage to get into the things it will be worth it and your tasks would become much easier for you. Some people also have this question in their mind when they use Excel to pdf converter, would there be any changes in the PDF file? No, your PDF file will be exactly the same as your Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.

Excel to pdf online conversion

With this online converter, you can convert your excel to pdf or pdf to excel by just using a different option. This tool gives you a brilliant working efficiency and you can easily convert all your documents into PDF or any other file extension of your desire.  It is fast reliable and one of the most authentic online converters that you can find on the Internet. 

So what is holding you back?  Start converting your excel files or other documents and use them according to your working requirements.

Essential facts to know about excel files. Excel to pdf online conversion

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